Double B Grain Farm

Building the herd of our dreams!

Double B Grain FarmDouble B Grain Farm is a family owned partnership which has consisted of four generations. We are located in Juniata County, in the heart of PA, where God’s creation is shown through the beauty and splendor of this world.

Our first Limousin was bought in 1993 to improve the quality in our herd of Charolais. Since then we have continued to enhance our purebred Limousin herd, adding genetics that are most popular in the breed today. We are breeding our cattle for low birth weight, adequate growth, eye appeal, and a gentle disposition. We are achieving our goal by AI, embryo transfer, and the possession of high performing elite Limousin donors.

Through our intense E.T. program we are producing progeny with above average EPDs, cattle that perform well in pasture as well as in the show ring, and cattle that will grade well in the market. Our herd consists of about 90% E.T. work and the rest A.I. making sure to exceed the expectations of ourselves and others.

We are expanding our operation with the building of efficient pastures and better working facilities. Better herd management, record keeping, and a vaccination program, has made our goal more accessible.

The farm is operated by the family, consisting of Doug and Tonda, and their three sons Eric, Mike, and Cody. Our pap, Wilbur, who is retired, is also a very big help around the farm. We raise chickens, Limousin cattle, and crops. Each member of the family plays an important role in maintaining the business. Eric, Mike, and Cody have shown animals in 4-H and local shows for 15 years. Doug is the overall manager of the farm, Tonda takes care of the financial aspect, Eric manages the chicken houses, Mike is the herd manager, and Cody helps with cattle and keeps the farm looking its best.

Our mission is for our farm and family to continue to grow involving present and future generations, striving for excellence in every aspect; meeting the needs of our customers, producing high quality cattle, and putting God first in everything we do.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information!

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