TYEJ DB Serenity

11/18/2005 – Dbl Pld – Dbl Blk – Purebred
-LESF Asphalt 9N
-TYEJ DB Sizzle
CE: 7 BW: 3.1 WW: 48 YW: 83
MA: 26 CEM: -3 SC: 0.4 DC: 13
REA: 0.25 MARB: -0.05 MTI: 43
Serenity is an elite donor in our program. She brings forth some of the greatest qualities that are found in the Limousin breed; eye appeal, disposition, and production of tremendous calves. “Auto Luckie 246W,” 2010 AALF Grand Champion Purebred Female, is just one of many spectacular calves that she has produced!
Owned with Wies Limousin Wellsville, MO
Embryos and progeny available at all times!

TMCK Swizzle 129U

3/30/08 – Homo Pld – Home Blk – 50% lim-flex

CE: 12 BW: -0.1 WW: 61 YW: 91
MA: 19 SC: 0.4 DC: 4 CW: 24
MARB: 0.45 MTI: 66

Swizzle is an elite lim-flex donor that came from the Tubmill Creek program in Pa. We chose Swizzle for strong set of epds she carries, her genetic background with endless bloodlines that will never go wrong, and her eye appeal. She is exactly what we look for in our donors, big boned, length of body, deep flanked, and fluid in her movement!



4/12/08 – Blk – Pld – 50% lim-flex

CE: 9 BW: 0.6 WW: 53 YW: 85
MA: 23 SC: 0.3 DC: 6 CW: 22
MARB: 0.75 MTI: 73

There’s not even enough you can say about 201U. Power, solid, dependable, and everything you can ever dream of! You can see it all in her progeny, SBLX Zane who sold for $60,000 is just one example of what she can produce.
Owned with Sugar Bush Limousin, MI

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